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Our fabrication shop is built for the big stuff and the small stuff. Whether it’s a simple stair rail or a complete large volume industrial HVAC system with filtration, PTL Fabricators can help from start to finish. From CNC Milling centers, to a 600 Ton brake press, to a paint shop, we’ve got the tools to make what you need and to get it done quickly.

Heavy Industrial

PTL has the specialized equipment, skill level, and experience to manage projects that consist of heavy industrial steel. The bigger the project, the better!

Metal Forming and Processing

No two projects are the same and each project has its own specific requirements. We custom design each project to meet your specific needs.

Plasma Table

    • Sector table with Hypertherm 300amp power source, height control, and operating system
    • 10′ x 30′
    • Plasma up to 1 1/2″ thick, oxyfuel up to 5″ thick
    • Bevel head
    • Etching capabilities

Paint Shop

    • 30 x 60 with center door to create two independent booths
    • Can heat up to 180°F

Plate Roller

    • Roundo four roll plate roller
    • Roll up to 10′ of 5/8″ thick plate
    • Can roll cones

Brake Press

    • 600-ton Cincinnati brake press
    • 14′ long
    • 1-12″ adjustable bottom die
    • Bend up to 8′ of 1″ mild steel
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