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Whether it’s a simple stair rail or a complete large volume industrial HVAC system with filtration, PTL Fabricators can help.

Our shop is built for the big stuff and the small stuff. From CNC Milling centers to a 500 Ton brake press, we’ve got the tools to make what you need and to get it done quickly.

Heavy Industrial

Metal Forming & Processing

No two projects are the same and each project has its own specific requirements.  We custom design each project to meet your specific needs. Including: 500 Ton Brake Press, 10’-5/8” Plate Roll, Angle Tube Roller…[Read More]

Stainless Steel


Brake Press

  • 600-ton Cincinnati brake press
  • 1-12″ adjustable bottom die 
  • Bend up to 8′ of 1″ mild steel

Paint Shop

  • 30 x 60 with center door to create two independent booths
  • Can heat up to 180°F

Plasma Table

  • Sector table with Hypertherm 300amp power source, height control, and operating system
  • 10′ x 30′
  • Plasma up to 1 1/2″ thick, oxyfuel up to 5″ thick
  • Bevel head
  • Etching capabilities

Plate Roller

  • Roundo four roll plate roller
  • Roll up to 10′ of 5/8″ thick plate

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