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Equipment and Rigging

PTL has the cranes and equipment necessary for rigging and heavy rigging.  Many jobs require the services of a heavy rigger and crane to install or remove large equipment, furnaces, bag-houses, and fabrication line equipment.   This involves the use of specialized rigging gear, and trained crews of people to able to provide this service for contractors in need of such services.  In conjunction with rigging services, PTL is able to provide heavy hauling transportation services for equipment that is being moved to another location.  Due to the heavy nature of this process and depending on the site and specifics of the project,  sometimes dual, triple, and even quad crane lifts are necessary to execute a job.  No matter the size and nature PTL has an experienced crew to fit your project.

  • Crane
  • Rigging Forklift
  • Speciality Equipment Transportation
  • Mobilift

Facility Maintenance

PTL can work as your facilities maintenance contractor.  We have the education, experience and manpower necessary to maintain, build, and repair any type of industrial facility.  We are proficient in rebuilding power plants, chemical plants, steel mills, wastewater treatment facilities, industrial factories, as well as providing structural maintenance and repairs necessary for daily production and manufacturing.  Armed with an impeccable safety record, our experienced management guides crews equipped with the manpower, tools, and equipment tailored to each project.  Our team of craftsmen are highly experienced in the areas of:

  • Steel work
  • Assembly and Equipment Installation
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Large Conveyors
  • Large Motor and Gear Changes
  • Erection of Silos
  • Erection of Bunkers
  • Heavy Rigging
  • Heavy Lifting

Shutdown and Emergency Repairs

PTL Fabricators has specialized knowledge and training to be able to perform shutdowns and emergency repairs safely and effectively. Shutdowns and emergency repairs are important procedures for ensuring the safety and reliability of your industrial systems and equipment. This involves the quick and safe shut down of systems or equipment, followed by repairs such as removal of old equipment and installation of new equipment, or maintenance to prevent further damage or incidents.

Whether your shutdown is planned or unplanned, we can help! Planned shutdowns may be scheduled in advance to perform routine maintenance, upgrades, or repairs.

Equipment Alignment and Installation

Equipment alignment and installation are critical steps in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of industrial systems. PTL Fabricators has the experience and knowledge needed to properly align and install all equipment to help minimize wear and tear, prevent equipment failure, and improve system efficiency and reliability. We make it our goal to help extend the lifespan of your equipment and prevent costly downtime and repairs.

Facility Relocation

PTL Fabricators is ready to help with all of your relocation needs. We have all the necessary heavy industrial equipment for relocating all your facilities machinery. Whether you are going right down the road or hours away, we can do it!

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