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Broaching… What is it? How does it work?

One of the many processes used by PTL in metal fabrication is, broaching. Here’s the 411 on broaching.

What is a broach?

  • A broach is a cutting tool with many rows of teeth, each slightly larger than its predecessor. As the broach moves past the workpiece, each tooth takes a shallow cut along the whole length of the part.
    • A typical broach consists of many rows of teeth that do roughing, then a few rows of teeth for semi-finishing and another few rows that finish-machine the surface.


  • Broaching can be quite simple in geometry or quite complex. You can broach internal or external surfaces to almost any shape imaginable, from simple flats and slots to gears to turbine blade hubs for aircraft engines.


  • Almost any material can be broached, including ferrous and nonferrous metals and even some plastics.
  • But broaching works best in materials with hardness in the rage of 26 to 28 Rockwell C.
  • For precision parts that need to be heat-treated, such as gears, a part can be broached to near net shape before heat treating. Then a finish broaching operation is performed, removing just a small amount of the hardened material.

This information might be more than you need to know. But know this, the experts at PTL Fabricators have the experience with all types of equipment and tools to match the job. Whatever your project, large or small, we can handle it at PTL Fabricators.

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