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Planning on a career in the Technical Field?

PTL explains some of the myths about the jobs.

Here are some myths we’d like to clarify:

  • Myth: You have to be a big, strong man to work in the technical field.

Fact: While you need to be physically fit to work in the skilled trades, you don’t necessarily need to be strong or a man. (see below myth) Having a positive attitude and being smart can be even more important and useful on the job site.

  • Myth: Women cannot succeed in the technical fields.

Fact: There are fewer women working in the skilled trades but there is widespread support for more women to work in the field by women’s skilled trade associations and even the federal government. To see how women are breaking through barriers go to:

  • Myth: Skilled trades are for high school dropouts.

Fact: Although working in the skilled trades don’t always require a high-level degree, the work does require strong math and reading skills. Some states require certain certifications which require passing a test.

  • Myth: Skilled trades are dirty work

Fact: Well, you might have to sweat a little bit but that’s true in any physical activity. Some job sites might be a little dirty or dusty, but most skilled trades are performed in clean, indoor environments.

  • Myth: Skilled trades are dangerous work.

Fact: Safety is a top priority in skilled trade occupations. Most workers are thoroughly trained in health and safety procedures. Following these standard practices are shown to prevent accidents and injuries.

If you’re thinking of a career in the skilled trade, check with PTL Fabricators.   Give us a call at (931) 647-0675 or contact us today.

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