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PTL Does Process Piping…
What is that?


One of the many projects handled by PTL is Process Piping for industrial project sites


What is Process Piping?

The term “process piping” generally refers to the system of pipes that transport fluids, such as industrial gases, fuels or water, around an industrial facility involved in the manufacture of products or the generation of power. Pipelines and process piping are the safest means to transport gases and fluids across countries or manufacturing facilities and, depending on the material being piped. Piping systems include but are not limited to:

  • Welded
  • Threaded
  • SS/Copper press connected
  • Compression
  • Sweat/Braze copper and brass FRP
  • and Client specified upon request.

Welding or soldering joins the individual segments of pipe, constructed and maintained in accordance with national and local regulations, and applicable industry standards. For safety, valves and shut-offs are installed along the line to release pressure, close off pipes, and isolate leaks, and may be designed to trigger automatically during an emergency.

If your business project needs include process piping, contact us today! Our reputation for customer satisfaction and quality, as well as competitive pricing, and experience makes PTL a trusted source for businesses of all sizes.



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