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Why Recycling Metal is Important

Scrap metal is one of the most valuable products you can recycle 

PTL is here to give you some information on recycling the different kinds of metal and why it’s important.

Metal recycling prep

  • The general rule for scrap metal recycling is that it needs to be at least 50% metal.
    • Even if the metal is surrounded by another material, like plastic, it’s still worth recycling.
  • Scrap metal is classified as either ferrous and nonferrous.
    • The way to tell the difference is with a magnet.
    • Ferrous metals stick to a magnet, nonferrous metals don’t.
  • Ferrous metals:
    • Steel
      • Made by adding iron to carbon.
    • Carbon Steel
      • Has a higher carbon content than other metals.
    • Alloy steel
      • Incorporates elements of chromium, nickel, and titanium.
    • Cast iron
      • Made from iron, carbon, and silicon.
    • Wrought iron
      • An alloy with so little carbon content it’s almost pure iron.
  • Nonferrous metals:
    • Aluminum
      • Lightweight, soft and low strength
    • Copper
      • Red in color, highly ductile, malleable, and conductive to electricity and heat.
    • Lead
      • Soft, heavy, malleable with a low melting point.
    • Zinc
      • Medium to low strength with a very low melting point.
    • Tin
      • Very soft and malleable with low tensile strength. 

Why recycle metal?

  • Metal is in limited supply. We can manufacture more glass and plastic from natural resources, we can’t make more aluminum, copper, and steel.
  • Are we going to run out of metals? According to, maybe!

How are metals recycled?

  • All metals eventually end up at a scrap metal yard, where they are separated by type.
  • The metals are then crushed and compacted and melted in a furnace and made into metal sheets.
  • The metal sheets are then used to make new metal products.

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