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Steel Fabrication – It’s What We Do!

At PTL, we’ve been doing steel fabrication for over 30 years. But just what is it that we do?

To begin with, the Oxford dictionary defines fabrication as “the action or process of inventing or manufacturing something”. Steel fabrication includes manufacturing products from handrails to complex high-rise buildings.

Steel Fabrication is a sensitive task because it needs a skilled individual who can handle the process and work with care. At PTL, our trained professionals are able to take a steel fabrication job from design to finish.

There are many facets to fabrication:

  • Cutting – with saws, plasma torches, water jets, and lasers.
  • Machining – involves the removal of a piece of metal from a material.
  • Folding – requires bending with the help of a press brake or making creases.
  • Shearing – makes long cuts to a piece of metal.
  • Welding – joins two pieces of metal.

In the fabrication process, many types of fabrication materials are used. The fabrication process is quite complex and the composition of materials used need to have some desired properties such as strength, hardness, resistance to corrosion and conductivity.

These fabrication material processes include:

  • Casting – is the method of a liquid metal forced into a mold and then cooled.
  • Flat metal – is a type of metal that has been rolled or pressed into thin flat pieces.
  • Hardware – is defined as the many standardized parts such as handles, locks, latches, chains, etc.

At PTL, we know about metal. We utilize more than 30 years of industrial experience to tackle our industry’s toughest challenges with innovative solutions. Our reputation for customer satisfaction and quality, as well as competitive pricing, and experience makes PTL a trusted source for businesses of all sizes. If you have any questions, give us a call at (931) 647-0675 or contact us today.

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