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Top things to look for in a metal fabricator

When you have a job that needs a fabricator, you more than likely have very specific wants and needs.  However, metal fabrication can cover a wide variety of businesses and services.  If you are building an industrial complex, you will probably need a fabricator who specializes in heavy custom fabrications.  So, how do you decide what company is the best for you and your project?

  • Materials: First, you will need to consider the company’s capabilities in metal fabrication.  You will want to determine if a space is large enough to meet your manufacturing needs. You should also consider the services that are offered by this specific fabricator.  Not all manufacturers work with the same products and equipment, so you will want to make sure that they have the capabilities to work with your specific metal type.  When you are searching for a fabricator who has the right fit for your project, have as much information as possible about your needs (size of the project, thickness of metal, type of metal, etc.).
  • Production Services: You will also want to consider what type of production services are offered by each company. If you only need one simple service, you might not choose the same fabricator as a company that needs multiple fabrications.  There are many services and capabilities a fabricator can offer that will be important to a specific project. These include: welding, fastening, metal finishing, cutting and forming, assembly, installation, and production runs (single or multiple).
  • Design: Do you require design services? If you require a fabricator to have the ability to start a project from scratch and see the design all the way through a finished project, you will need to know if they are capable. Ask about projects that they have developed from the design phase through completion. At PTL Fabricators we utilize SOLIDWORKS® 3D Software and Inventor – Mechanical Design & 3D CAD Software (Autodesk).

Once you have asked these questions, you should have a great idea about whether or not a fabricator will work for you and your needs! When you have a project and are looking for a fabricator, remember to contact PTL Fabricators!  Our experts will be able to answer all of your questions and more.  Contact us at (931)647-0675 or send us a message. PTL Fabricators is located at 4581 Guthrie Hwy in Clarksville, TN.  We have been serving Clarksville’s fabrication needs for 20 years!

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