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Choosing a Facilities Maintenance Contractor

Posted on: June 21st, 2016 by Jazzy Elliott 4 Comments

There are many factors to consider when looking for a facilities maintenance contractor.

When erecting or operating an industrial facility, it is incredibly important to monitor the need for repairs and maintenance. Hiring a facilities maintenance contractor takes much of the stress and guesswork out of this process. At PTL, we understand that choosing a facilities maintenance professional to fit your needs can be overwhelming. Below, you will find recommendations for steps you can take to make a great choice!

When selecting a facilities maintenance contractor, it is important to:


A) Ask Questions

A good candidate for this role should be willing and able to handle any questions you have about their tasks. Are they prepared to deliver on their commitments? In what ways is their business set up to best serve yours and accomplish your goals? Take note of how they address any concerns you have. Are they confident in their responses? This will be a good reflection of how well prepared they are to take on the tasks of a facility maintenance contractor for your project.

B) Do Your Research  

Just like in school, doing your own research ahead of time can save you a lot of strife down the road. Does the company you are interested in have a good reputation online? Take a look at reviews, their updates to social media sites, etc. You will be able to learn a lot about their capabilities online before making a visit or phone call.  

C)Seek Out Referrals  

Although times and technologies have changed, here at PTL we still feel that one of the best indicators of a trustworthy business is positive word-of-mouth. Check with friends and those in your industry to find a facility maintenance professional they would recommend.


If you are in the market for a facilities maintenance contractor, we at PTL are confident and capable of taking on the task! Our educated team of professionals is armed with the experience and expertise to accomplish your project needs. We have the know-how and manpower needed to build, maintain, and repair any industrial space.

From power plants, to steel mills, to factories, we are equipped to provide quality services.  From building an initial structure to maintaining and repairing the stress caused by the daily grind of production and manufacturing.

To learn more about how we can exceed your expectations as your facilities maintenance contractor, contact us online or call us at our office in Clarksville, TN at 931-647-0675. At PTL we employ experienced millwrights, riggers, ironworkers, welders, pipe fitters, pipe welders, and more armed with a complete arsenal of specialized equipment. We provide service you can trust for all of your facilities maintenance needs and more!

Source: FM Dashboard

What is a millwright?

Posted on: March 22nd, 2016 by Jazzy Elliott 2 Comments

You may think a millwright is a piece of equipment, but they are actually highly skilled tradesmen!

Originally, millwrights were specialized carpenters who designed and constructed mills. In modern times they work with steel and other materials using a combination of skills in multiple mechanical trades. They install specialized industrial machinery as well as assembling machines from prefabricated parts. Modern millwrights must also be able to read blueprints and schematics to aid in the construction of complex systems.

Millwrights install, maintain, repair, and troubleshoot industrial machinery and mechanical equipment in sites such as factories, production plants, and recreational facilities. Along with extensive apprenticeships, a typical training course to qualify as a millwright may include the following:

Millwrights are also trained to perform critical lifts involving major components. Using cranes and other equipment, they are able to raise and place components into place with incredible accuracy. As a result of their specialized training and expertise, millwrights are generally chosen to work on tasks associated with flying and setting heavy machinery.

At PTL we are incredibly proud of our millwrights, if you have a project that needs specialized expertise we have a millwright and a team that will be able to take it on and see your project through to completion. We employ experienced millwrights, riggers, ironworkers, welders, pipe fitters, pipe welders, and more armed with a complete arsenal of specialized equipment. Our reputation for customer satisfaction and quality, as well as competitive pricing and experience makes PTL a trusted source for businesses of all sizes.

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