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How To Successfully Relocate a Building

At PTL, we are known for exceptional metal work, but did you know we also perform services like facility relocation?

Relocating a building is no small task, but with the experts at PTL on your side along with internal preparation, things can go very smoothly.

These tips will help to make your facility relocation as successful as possible!  


1) Take Inventory

Before the big move, take a thorough inventory of everything you expect to be present when the move is complete. A little organization on the front end will help ensure that all of your staff members are ready to make a smooth transition into the “new” facility when the time comes.

2) Remember Your Customers

Take care to remember that you are not the only people affected by your move. Maintain strong levels of communication with your customer base to ensure that their expectations of your team are met during the entire facility relocation process. The goal is for the transition to go so smoothly that any clients who could potentially have been affected ultimately notice no fluctuation in service.

3) Remember Your Employees

A big change like relocating your facility can be hard on your staff. Make steps to coordinate internet and phone installation at your new location as soon as possible so as to interrupt their workflow as little as possible.
These are just a few easy steps you can take on your end to make sure all of the details of your building relocation go smoothly. As for the logistics of actually moving your facility, contact the experts at PTL. We will work with you to make sure the facility relocation process and the costs associated with it are clear and easy to understand. To learn more about facility relocation with PTL visit our website, or contact us today!  At PTL we utilize more than 30 years of industrial experience to tackle our industry’s toughest challenges with innovative solutions.  


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