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Is a metal building the right choice?

When it comes to deciding on a style of building there are lots of options.

PTL is a certified Butler Buildings Builder, and we know that metal buildings can be the perfect solution for the needs of your business. So, what makes a metal building superior to any other type of construction?

Keep it flexible

Unlike wood, metal buildings can easily, inexpensively be customized to your specifications. This gives you the freedom to help design every feature of your metal structure. Your building can be built specifically to your needs, and is capable of creating spaces small enough to be an office and large enough to accommodate an entire factory!

Affordability is key

Steel buildings are more affordable than traditional buildings. Metal construction is generally about 30% less expensive than traditional construction due in part to the smaller foundation and shorter construction time. But there are other ways you will save. Over time, steel buildings stand up well to the elements, are not subject to rotting, warping, and insect infestations, and are virtually maintenance free.

Upgrades are no problem

When the time comes that you outgrow your current custom metal building, adding on can be done quickly and much more inexpensively than modifying a traditional structure. In fact PTL can pick up an entire building or factory and move it to an entirely new location!

To learn more about PTL, Butler Buildings, and anything related, call us at 931-647-0675 or visit our website! We are also available for a wide array of other needs such as facilities maintenance, millwright, and more! At PTL we utilize more than 30 years of industrial experience to tackle our industry’s toughest challenges with innovative solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business today!

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