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Keeping Your Metal Building Cool During the Summer Heat

PTL Fabricators has some tips for keeping cool in a Metal building this summer

Tennessee and Kentucky are known for their hot weather during the summer months which makes for high temperatures in metal buildings. Here’s what can help:


  • By adding insulation, you can regulate the temperature inside your metal building. Insulation is especially important if you are housing valuable items that can crack or become damaged from excessive heat. Insulation also helps with keeping your building warm during winter.


  • Help Mother Nature help your building. By planting deciduous trees and shrubs on the sides of the building that gets the most sunlight, you can create a good bit of shade in the summer.


  • When constructing your metal building, make sure that to add extra windows, doors, and even garage doors. When opened, these can improve ventilation and also help with air quality.

Choose a Lighter Roof Color

  • Using a light color for your metal building will help reflect heat from the sun as opposed to a darker color which absorbs the heat, making it hotter.


  • Awnings or metal canopies added to the design of your building can help reduce the amount of sunlight that is directly hitting the exterior of the building.

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