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Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line
Up for University


PTL shares the message that high paying jobs don’t have to come at the cost of traditional four-year degrees



A Choice

The decision of which university to attend is a life-changing decision for an upcoming high school graduate to make. Will they move? What will they major in? And the looming question: What will they do once they graduate from that university?

Students in high school today are faced with, seemingly, only one option: Go to university and get a bachelor’s degree, while an alarming amount of trade jobs across the country sit untouched.

A False Impression

There is an astounding misconception that a trade job reflects someone who is uneducated and unqualified; however, on the contrary, many trade-oriented jobs require secondary training of some form after high school. Associates degrees, certifications, and continuing education courses are typically a necessary part of trade careers, which can save students from costly student loans and debt.

The mistake is made far too often that the only way to acquire a stable career post-high school is to go to a four-year university. Despite that, students with technical training are more likely to be employed at a faster rate than those without, and significantly more likely to be working in their respective field of study.

A Branding Issue

The perception of trade jobs have gotten a bad wrap, and because of this stigma, it fuels the worry for hard work, with low pay, being forced into a blue-collar job, with little education.

High schools emphasize the number of their graduates who go on to a four-year university but neglect those that choose a trade post-graduation, adding to the stigma that trade workers aren’t as valuable or notable.

A Different Option

A career in a trade will teach you:

  • Real world skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making skills
  • Management skills
  • Determination

If you are interested in learning more about PTL’s work, what we do, or how you can prepare for a career in our trade, contact us!


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