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What Is Metal Fabrication


Why is it important?

To put it simply, metal fabrication is the process of building machines and structures from raw metal materials. This process includes cutting, burning, welding, and assembling material to create a final product.

If you’ve ever been in a skyscraper or held onto a handrail walking down the stairs, you’ve seen the product of just what a metal fabricator does. Whether it’s something simple or a high profile job, PTL Fabricators are the experts for any size project!

One-stop shop

PTL provides solutions for all metal fabrication needs, but that’s not our only specialty. Concrete, process piping, and conventional steel construction are also some of our areas of expertise. We centralize the many processes that are often required to be performed by a collection of vendors. Because of this, PTL is able to help contractors limit their need to work with multiple vendors to complete complicated projects.

How is metal fabrication performed?

The metal fabrication industry has broad applications across many industries and consumer products, including automotive, construction, commercial machinery, and more. Materials used include plate metal, fittings, castings, formed and expanded metal, sectional metal, flat metal, and welding wire, to name a few.

In order to accommodate our projects, we employ experts:

  • Welders
  • Ironworkers
  • Pipefitters
  • Crane operators
  • Millwrights

The metal fabrication process involves taking the raw components and transforming them into marketable items. This can only be achieved by a skilled technician who has the proper training and experience because there is very little room for error. Industrial facilities use metal fabrication to create everything from vehicular parts to household appliances.

Why is PTL important?

Cars, appliances, buildings, and yes, even stair rails would not happen if companies like PTL did not exist. Not only would our everyday lives be affected, but so would the economy. Skilled trade jobs create some of the most valuable career paths, with exceptional pay rates.

If you have questions about metal fabrication or have a project you need help completing, contact PTL today! We have been providing manufacturing and fabrication for over 20 years. Give us a call at (931) 647-0675


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