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What is Steel fabrication?

At PTL Fabricators one of our main services is steel fabrication, but what exactly is steel fabrication?  Steel fabrication is the process of cutting, bending, and shaping steel alloy to create a product.   This is a process in which many pieces of metal are attached together to create a form of a predefined shape and size.  This process involves taking raw components and transforming them into marketable items.  This can only be achieved by a skilled technician who has experience and training in Steel Fabrication.  Because there is very little room for error, a fabricator must be highly trained to use the equipment and techniques involved.  Industrial facilities use steel fabrication to create everything from vehicular parts to household appliances.

Steel Fabrication Process:

  1. The fabricator will have to gauge the original shape of the raw material.  This could be shaped as a flat plate, pre-shaped channels, pipes, or many other starting forms.
  2. Once the fabricator has determined the starting shape, they will use the appropriate process of metal fabrication.
    • These processes involve using heat, pressure, and electricity in order to shape and join the metal to an industrial engineer’s  specifications.
  3. Once the steel has been processed, the steel fabricator will determine its final shape.
    • At PTL Fabricators, in Clarksville, we use a combination of steel fabrication equipment and CNC Machining, which involves laser steel-cutting devices for acquiring a smooth edge for superior accuracy. Processes such as galvanizing, sand blasting, and painting may also be used during steel fabrication.
  4. The outcome of these processes result in metal products such as Steel fabricated beams hand-rails, ladders, pipe supports, many different types of stairways, sturdy steel frames, and decorative motifs.
    • Steel fabrication is involved in everything from the kitchen sink to automobiles to bridges. We have steel fabrication to thank for making the world a durable and strong place to live!

If you have questions about steel fabrication or have a project you need help completing, contact PTL Fabricators today.  We have been providing manufacturing and fabrication for over 20 years.  Call us at (931)647-0675  or send us a message!

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