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Why is Steel the Metal of Choice!

At PTL, we work with all types of metal, but steel is still the most popular for construction.

Since the 1800s, when skyscrapers started going up, steel has been the major component in commercial building construction.

Builders used to use cast iron but found that steel was more fire resistant and more structurally sound.

Some new building materials are being tried as a replacement for steel:

The big drawback with these alternative materials is the cost. Since they are still relatively new, they are costlier to produce than steel components.

Residential Construction

Steel is gaining popularity in residential construction. The major drawback of framing a house with steel instead of wood is the cost. A steel home cost about 14% more to build and required more time to complete. However; steel has a higher strength to weight ratio than wood, which means it is stronger without adding much weight.

The pros and cons of a residential building with steel:


  • Humid areas and coastal regions, or even rooms like bathrooms have a problem with moisture causing the steel to corrode
  • Steel conducts heat and cold, so it’s not ideal from an insulation standpoint. You would need additional insulation.


  • Unlike other recyclable materials such as plastic, steel doesn’t lose quality each time it is recycled.
    ● Less waste with steel compared to wood because you can weld small “offcuts” together to do smaller jobs.

Steel is still the preferred material for framing commercial buildings.

If you’re looking to build with steel, PTL provides highly trained and knowledgeable craftsmen and supervisors to build and complete steel buildings in a timely manner.

At PTL, we know about metal. If you have any questions, give us a call at (931) 647-0675 or contact us today.

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